ICB Financial Accounting – Foundation Level


This programme is the first level in the ICB Financial Accounting Programme. The Junior Bookkeeper can complete all the functions of the Accounts Clerk, Debtors Clerk, Creditors Clerk and Payroll Clerk and is an integral member of the accounts department in any organisation. The programme includes a study of business communication and numeracy, basic bookkeeping to trial balance, basic conditions of employment, SARS registrations and submissions, payroll bookkeeping and computerized accounting.


This study option includes:


ICB Business Literacy


This course forms part of the Foundation Level in every ICB Programme, no matter what stream you are studying. It is a unique course, in that both communication and mathematics learning outcomes are covered at the same time. Effective business communication and numeracy is essential for any business practitioner. This course focuses on written and spoken communication as well as numeracy business tools such as fractions, decimal numbers, percentages, ratios, proportions, equations, interest rates and graphs.


ICB Bookkeeping to Trial Balance


This course forms the foundation of your accounting knowledge and can be found in every ICB Programme, no matter what stream you are studying. It assumes no knowledge of bookkeeping and teaches the student to prepare the books of account from source documents to the subsidiary journals to the general and subsidiary ledgers, trial balance, and the bank and creditors reconciliations.


ICB Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns


This subject forms part of the Foundation Level in the ICB Financial Accounting Programme. It builds on a basic knowledge of bookkeeping to include a study of VAT, basic conditions of employment, RSA statutory registrations, RSA payroll calculations and accounting, SARS efiling and a study of the ethics of a tax practitioner in South Africa.


ICB Computerised Bookkeeping


This course forms part of the Foundation Level of both the ICB Financial Accounting and the ICB Public Sector Accounting programmes. It introduces students to the computer, windows, email and internet as well as a study of Microsoft Office as an accounting tool. Being able to keep the books of a business on a computerised accounting software package is essential for any bookkeeper. The course also includes an in depth study of dedicated computerised accounting using industry leading software packages.

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Do you have a firm understanding of numbers, a passion for accounting or the desire to run your own business? If so, managing finances and drawing up official statements could form an essential part of your future. SACOB can help you lay a strong foundation for your auditing career by offering you online the Foundation Level for the ICB Financial Accounting Programme.

With this qualification, you can act as an account, creditor, debtor and payroll clerk, calculating monthly remunerations and returns, as well as reconciling bank and supplier statements. These duties are integral to the successful administration of a business. By developing the skills needed to function in this area, you?ll become an indispensable member of the workforce.




Institute of Certified Bookkeepers as a Quality Assurance Partner of the QCTO.




National Certificate: Bookkeeping NQF L3 (SAQA ID: 58375)




Junior Bookkeeper
Accounts Clerk
Reconciliation Clerk
Payroll Clerk
Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk




You have to be at least 16-years old and have passed Grade 10 (Standard 8), or have an equivalent qualification. You don?t need any previous accounting knowledge or experience, as our foundation level courses teach you all the basics.




9-12 months




ICB Business Literacy
ICB Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
ICB Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns
ICB Computerised Bookkeeping




Home Study Package

SACOB Online Classroom





Portfolio of Evidence, including assignments and tests. 60% to pass

Final ICB Exam




You are now eligible to further your studies with SACOB and ICB and can enrol in the ICB Financial Accounting – Intermediate Level

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Home Study, Online Classroom

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